Kunde Memorials Oshkosh Wisconsin
Kunde Memorials Oshkosh Wisconsin


Here at Kunde Memorials we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your loved ones are remembered and cherished in a beautiful way. Our services include:

Memorials: We offer a wide variety of granite and bronze memorials. These include imported colored granite, artistic sculptured monuments, mausoleums and much more.

Personalized Enhancements: With the addition of custom etchings, porcelain portraits, bronze cameos, etc. you will make your memorial truly unique.

Cremation Alternatives: We have a wide assortment of cremation products including: benches, estates, cremonials, and cremation garden products.

Veteran's Markers and Installation: We gladly do the installation of government issued VA markers and provide veteran companion memorials.

Vases: Here we always have granite, bronze, marble and in-ground vases in stock.

Inscriptions: With our portable equipment we are able to letter existing monuments while on-site.

Cleaning and Restoration: We have the ability to restore damaged or time-worn monuments to make them look like new again.

Our other services include:

• Monuments
• Markers
• Bronze Memorials
• Mausoleums
• Plaques
• Signs
• Slants
• Bevels

• Professional Designs
• Profesisonal Etchings
• Hand Etchings
• Granite Markers
• Marble Markers
• Bronze Markers
• Flush Markers

Grave Markers and Memorial Services Kunde Memorials Wisconsin

Grave Markers and Memorial Services Kunde Memorials Wisconsin

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