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Do cemeteries sell headstones?

Many cemeteries are non-profit or run by municipalities and don’t sell headstones. Around the Fox Valley, some cemeteries are operated by for profit businesses which will sell headstones as well as allowing standalone monument companies, like Kunde Memorials, to install headstones. Kunde Memorials will be able to assist you with a headstone for any cemetery in our service area.

Where to buy a headstone?
Our non-commission staff is familiar with all the requirements of local cemeteries and can guide you through your purchase and memorial design. We perform all the designs, artist etchings, lettering, outline designs, and carvings in house. You will be working with the same staff who will be making your headstone. Buying a headstone from a local business, like Kunde Memorials, is your best choice.
What material are headstones made from?
Modern headstones are made from granite. Some older headstones may be made from marble. Also common are markers made from bronze. Granite and bronze are used for their durability and beauty.
Do cemeteries require grave markers?
Many cemeteries do require graves be marked within a reasonable amount of time.
What is a slant marker?
Slant Markers stand upright and get their name from their slanted, polished, face. They may have a flat, serpentine, or rounded top. The sides, top, and back may be rock pitched, polished, or sawn. They can be set on a concrete foundation or on a granite base.
What is a flush marker?
Flush markers will be set flush with the ground. They are also known as grass or lawn markers and are made from granite or bronze. Some cemeteries may require this kind of marker.
What is an upright monument?
An upright monument is vertical memorial typically made from two pieces, a tablet and a base. An upright monument is a common style of headstone, which comes in many sizes, finishes, and shapes.
What is a columbarium?
A columbarium is a memorial which has niches; which is an enclosed area where urns are placed. They come in various sizes, from single niches to large rooms or structures which hold many urns.
Where does the granite come from?
Only the highest quality granite is used for making headstones. Granites commonly used for headstones come from throughout the US, Canada, China, India, and Africa.
Can you order a headstone online?
Kunde Memorials will be able to assist you over the phone, via e-mail, or via mail to answer any questions and guide you through the monument design and purchasing process. Then, you will have the peace of mind of a local Fox Valley company making and installing your memorial.
Can I order a headstone when I live out of town?
We work with families who are out of town all the time. Kunde Memorials will be able to assist you over the phone, via e-mail, or via mail to answer any questions and guide you through the monument design
and purchasing process. We can make and install monuments near our service area of Oshkosh, Neenah, Fond du Lac, Omro, Winneconne, Berlin, or Redgranite.
How much does a headstone cost?
The cost of a headstone varies with the granite chosen, size, and design. Please schedule an appointment at our shop to discuss specific pricing for your memorial.
Can I purchase a headstone before I pass away?
A headstone may be purchased for a pre-need; purchased as part of your end-of-life planning. Some advantages of purchasing a memorial ahead of time are you can pick your own design, it takes the stress away from you and your family making this decision when you or your companion passes, and it likely will come with a cost savings to you and your family since prices are continual rising. The dates of passing can be added to the memorial in the future.
Who makes the headstone?

We make granite memorials at the Kunde Memorials’ shop located at 1690 Ohio St. Oshkosh, WI. The granite quarries will manufacture the shape and finish of the headstone to our specifications, and we do
the rest of the work, including the artwork, lettering, and installation.

Who designs the headstone?
We work with each family to come up with a design that best represents you or your loved one. We have a library of artwork and memorials available, or our artist can create a custom design for you. Our team will put together a design for you to approve.
May I set up a payment plan for the headstone?
We require at least a 50% down payment to start designing and making a headstone. Any remaining balance will be due after the memorial is competed and installed in the cemetery.
May I pay my invoice online?
Please visit our online client portal to make a payment online via credit card or ACH.
When will I know my memorial is completed?
If you provided Kunde Memorials your e-mail address, we will be able to keep you up to date on the status of your memorial purchase. You can visit our client portal to provide us your e-mail and stay informed about the status of your memorial, schedule an appointment, message us, send us pictures or other files, or make a payment online. A statement with any applicable remaining balance will be sent once the memorial is completed and installed in the cemetery.
How long will it take for Kunde Memorials to make a monument and install it in the cemetery?
Typically, we can complete a headstone within 90 working days (April – Nov.) after the design is proofed and approved. NOTE: Due to the unprecedented supply chain issues, we can’t guarantee any completion time. Rest assured, we will make and install your memorial as soon as we’re able.
Do you have a catalog of headstone designs to pick from?
You will find some pictures of memorials we have made on our website, but we have a large album of previous designs you can choose from at our shop. Please set up an appointment with our team to talk about your memorial design and view our designs.
What typeface or font will be used for my monument?
Kunde Memorials’ team will use the font and layout for the best appearance of the headstone.
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